Haven Aesthetics Spa

Having spent many years working at European Aesthetics Spa, one of the first, best day spas in Guelph, Tracy, owner of Haven Aesthetics Spa, received the best training and hands on, and continues to attend new courses and updating her skills and services. Unfortunately, European Spa closed. To make sure clients still have the best care, Tracy decided to open Haven Aesthetics Spa. Established  in 2012 on 230 Edinburgh Rd South, Haven is a home based business.
As we continued our excellent services, our valued clients spread the news of our exceptional services. Therefore, as part of our gratitude, we make it a point to grow each day to serve you better and to suit your every need for treatments to our new location; a modern, full facility day spa.

Take time for yourself – Experience the soothing nature of our cutting-edge Guinot products for your skin, body and life style. Enjoy the calming moment of stress relief and relaxation by our therapist.

Haven Aesthetics Spa specializes in meeting your personal beauty and wellness needs. We would like to be your best friend, we share your happiness and sadness, we offer services to cater to the needs of your skin and removing stress and anxiety leaving you feeling healthier, smoother and younger.

We care for you!